We have recently been asked the following lighting questions and thought we would share them.. We will continue to update you as the questions come in because we know you’re thinking about them too.

Do Compact Fluorescent Lights ACTUALLY save you money?

YES! You can save up to 80% on the lighting portion of your electricity bill. Currently ecovantage can replace your incandescent globes for energy efficient CFLs FOR FREE! All you need to do is call ecovantage on 9645 7243 or register through our online form

I have halogen downlights in my home, what can I do about those?


Halogen downlights can now be replaced by Compact Fluorescent Lights again saving you up to 80% on the lighting portion of your electricity bills. While these lights cost you more than a halogen to buy they will pay for themselves with the savings that you make on your electricity bill within 9 months (based on an average use of 4 hours per day)

Because I know some of you are numbers people, I have attached a table to give you a better view of the savings you can make and another way you can find money for that european getaway.

Payback Calculations for Downlight Replacement Options (10 lights over 10 years)