Commercial led lighting Imprints Booksellers

Imprints Booksellers is a gorgeous old-world bookstore in the heart of Adelaide. The store sells a carefully curated selection of local, national and international titles. Step inside this store and you'll feel instantly at home and could quite easily while away a whole rainy day pottering about the lush timber shelves.

Commercial led lighting Imprints
Imprints inside shop

Like many small local businesses, Imprints has recently taken advantage of the South Australian government's REES program to upgrade their store lighting. We replaced their halogen downlights with LED downlights, fluorescent tubes with LED tubes and shop lighters with an LED equivalent.

They stand to save an enormous 76% on their lighting costs simply by upgrading what amounted to 22 lights. This is in addition to the maintenance savings due to the extra long lifespan of the LED lights. 

The cost of the upgrade would have been around $1,900, however the REES rebate covered the entire cost, making the transition entirely free.

Feedback from Imprints owner, Jason Lake has been very positive:

"We are very happy with the upgrade. We like the quality of the light, we like the reduction in our power bill, already noticeable, and the lights generate much less heat."

Do you own a business in South Australia?

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Are you a book lover?

Check out Imprints Booksellers online store where they ship Australia-wide and also their Facebook and Instagram pages where they showcase new titles and inspiring quotes.