Customer feedback is valuable to every business, it helps the business grow in the right direction and when the feedback is positive, it affirms that they are doing it right.

We are happy to say that our latest feedback was from a very satisfied customer after the replacement of his energy hungry downlights for Brightgreen LEDs. This particular customer is so happy with his new lights, he believes the light output alone is better than the old halogens, and that’s even before he gets his next power bill reaffirming that he’s made the right choice.

He has also reassured us that the people that we send out to do our installations are giving a high quality level of service that not only matches our expectations and products but exceeds them with the knowledge they impart and the respectful professionalism that they show to our valued customers.

We would like to thank our customers for providing us this sort of feedback as it does help us reaffirm, grow and make us feel that what we are doing is not only a positive step or two towards a more sustainable community but that we are supported and appreciated for doing so.