In case you missed it, the following press release went into several ‘Leader’ newspapers earlier this week..


Eligible households missing out on TV rebate scheme

Did you know you could access a cash rebate to upgrade your TV? No? Well you’re not alone.

The majority of both metropolitan and regional households spoken to by environmental consultants Ecovantage over the last month were unaware of the rebate available for upgrading to a more energy efficient TV. Neither had they heard of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme.

The rebate provides a payment to households who make the switch and a long-term benefit in the form of reduced energy bills. The rebate amount can be up to $100 for LED TVs with five plus energy ratings. These TVs can use as little as 300 kWh per year.

With Christmas just behind us, it is also important to note that people who have already upgraded to a new TV can still access the rebates retrospectively in many cases. Eligibility depends on whether their new TV is one of more than 400 models that qualify for a rebate. Nathan O’Halloran from Ecovantage said “These rebates are helping households take positive environmental action and cut their energy bills at the same time. “With electricity costs rising every year, this is one of the best ways to insulate yourself and your family from future price hikes.

“Even larger rebates are available for upgrading home heating systems and hot water systems.” He went on to say “The value of rebates is set by a market trading scheme and is likely to fall after 30 January 2012. Households who have already upgraded or who plan to are advised to get in before this deadline to maximise the amount they get back from the VEET Scheme.” The VEET Scheme aims to reduce Victoria’s carbon emissions by providing rebates for efficiency improvements and appliance upgrades. This includes home heating, hot water systems and TVs. Televisions are the fourth largest user of energy around the average home. The Scheme relies on the private sector for promotion to the community.

People interested in finding out more or accessing the scheme should visit or phone Nathan O’Halloran on 03 9015 6895 for more information.