In an average Australian home, the hot water system and the space heater often accounts for greater than half a households total energy expense. Typically, the older the system, the less energy efficient and more operationally expensive it is. Many Australians are replacing their older heating systems with latest technologies to benefit from the reduction in operating cost that these latest systems yield.

New hot water and space heating systems are designed with optimum energy efficiency in mind and perform better while saving money on operating cost. Although some Australians are finding the transition to new energy efficient heating systems costly, rebates are available through the Victorian and Federal Governments which greatly assist in this process. The rebates make the replacement of old systems an affordable option right now and will be of benefit to the homeowner in the coming future as the costs of bills rise.

In Victoria, hot water and space heating rebates are available as part of the government’s VEET (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target) scheme. The values of the VEET rebates available are dependent on three factors; the type of system you are removing, the system you are installing and the location of your new system install.

Bruce Easton, CEO of Ecovantage says “In these days of an ever increasing energy bill it is imperative that Victorian residents know that rebates can cover much of the cost of replacing slab heating, whilst reducing their winter bills to a more manageable rate.”

“It has never been a better time to replace your old heating system and benefit from the rebates on hand.” Bruce Easton said, concluding that “Ecovantage is working tirelessly to bring these rebates out from the cold and into the homes of people struggling to make their energy ends meet.”

VEEC rebates are available when replacing central electric resistance (in slab) heating with High efficiency ducted gas for homes with a heating space of more than 100m2 .

  • The value of rebates are location specific and based on various conditions. The regional Victorian rebates can yield beyond  $4000.(Also available when replacing with an air to air heat pump).

Other VEEC rebates are available for Space heating, they include;

  • Replacing ducted gas with efficient ducted Gas .
  • Installing efficient ducted gas into a new home.

VEEC rebates are also available when replacing water heating with energy rated systems.

  • Electric storage to a Gas Instantaneous in regional regions can create a rebate of beyond $600.
  • Electric storage to gas storage is also a rebate of beyond $600.
  • Electric storage to electric boosted Solar creates a VEEC rebate of around $600
  • Electric storage to Gas boosted Solar creates a rebate of around $840

*Estimates correct as of 13/05/2011 but may be subject to change depending on VEEC market price.