Lumaluxe LED downlight

Australians, more so than anywhere else in the world, loved the halogen down light. With an estimate of more than 50 million halogens in ceilings around Australia, it has proven itself an expensive love affair!

With energy prices in constant incline and ceiling fires reported every year, we are slowly breaking up with the halogen. There are now LED halogen replacement globes coming in by the container load. They use 80% less energy and look like our original flush mounted lights. LED’s won’t cause fires and will generally last a lot longer.

But the question is, why are we trying so hard to get the LED to look and act like the halogen?

Do we really want the same lack of spread causing spotty pools of light? Do we need to sit them in fittings that are ventilated and suck air out of the room? Half a dozen lights in an average room is like having a football sized hole in the ceiling letting the warmed or cooled air simply drift northwards.

We are at an interesting intersection of time and technology and have a chance to re-imagine the replacement of many of the 50 million halogens. LED lighting does very well as a flat panel producing a broad spread of light and can be mounted in fittings without ventilation as they produce little heat. This flat panel produces a very sleek and clean look to the ceiling and my favourite is the slightly recessed (1cm) with the angled fitting. The light produced is generated at 100 degree rather than the 40 or 60 degrees of most halogen replacements. So, not only visually attractive, it is a much more practical light for most rooms with standard ceiling height or below. If it’s for a new building, the 100 degree spread will allow fewer lights to be installed in most rooms, so 4 lights would replace 6 and the efficiency is multiplied and becomes 40w replacing 300w. At an average of 4 hours use a day, this will save more than the lights are worth in just one year! ($94 at 0.25c per kWh). 

Lumaled Lumaluxe LED downlightCheck out the LumaLuxe LED Downlight  here.