Water Saving Showerheads


Every Drop Counts!

Save on your water and energy bills by upgrading to high quality water-saving showerheads in your home.

This service is offered by the SA state government’s Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) to encourage households to replace their inefficient showerheads with new, more efficient models.

If your home has multiple showers, this could lead to substantial savings in water bills and energy costs, with up to 3 showerheads upgrades per household.

Along with LED lighting and heat pump hot water units, showerhead upgrades are an energy-efficiency must for every home. Contact us today to start saving!

Shower with water saving showerhead

Reduce overall water consumption, also resulting in lower water heating costs.

Reduce the amount of wastewater generated by your home.

Using less energy needed to heat water reduces CO2 emissions.

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