New Year, New habits, right? Starting with a clean slate can be a great motivator, but the challenge is sticking to your resolutions.

Many of you will have resolved to do your bit to help the environment this year. ecovantage can start you off on the right foot and help you keep your New Year’s resolutions with products and services to save energy, save water and minimise waste at home or at work.

Save Energy

With rising energy prices, many householders will be looking to save energy and minimise their bills. ecovantage are experts in the area of energy efficiency and stock several products designed to help you in this area.

Energy Saving Powerboards

Appliances that are not in use can account for up to 22% of your electricity bill. Energy Saving Power Boards mean appliances are not constantly on standby draining energy, and your hip pocket.

Energy Efficient Light Globes

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) use 75-80% less energy than traditional lights and can last up to four times as long. Replacing a single bulb with a CFL will keep half a tonne of CO2 out of the atmosphere over the life of the bulb.

Save Water

On the driest populated continent on earth, water is one of our most precious resources. There are some simple and easy ways to save water in the home, starting in the shower.

Water Saving Showerhead

Our water saving showerhead uses 9 litres of water per minute, instead of 22 litres common in older showerheads. A small change with a big impact on our water stores and energy usage.

Minimise Waste

As we’ve long been told, reducing, reusing and recycling are great ways to minimise our environmental impact. Starting with your daily caffeine hit.

Reusable Coffee Cup

Keep Cups are the result of innovative design and manufactured in Australia. These trusty little travel cups are barista friendly and prevent millions of disposable cups ending up in landfill.