Roxby Downs showerhead replacement

BHP’s Roxby Downs site

Ecovantage is currently running a free showerhead exchange program in South Australia under the state government’s Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES).

In what was the largest undertaking of its kind under REES, our South Australian team recently spent six days replacing a whopping 3521 showerheads at BHP’s Roxby Downs site.

Showerheads Roxby Downs

BHP’s Olympic Dam mine is located 560km north of Adelaide and produces copper, uranium, silver and gold. Most of the showerheads were installed at Olympic Dam Village which houses the mine’s several thousand shift workers.

It was an enormous job with many challenges: navigating the day shift/night shift room statues, transporting pallets of showerheads around the enormous site, managing the recycling of the old showerheads, not to mention coping with the flies. SO many flies!

Showerheads before and after

Before, during and after

All up though, a very significant energy and water saving activity for the thousands of daily showers.

We estimate the savings to be:

  • Water – 33ML per year amounting to $100,000 per year saving
    (visualise 30 x 50m swimming pools of water per year)
  • Gas (to heat the water) – 10,000,000Mj per year amounting to $90,000 per year saving
  • Electricity – up to $3300 in pumping cost savings

That’s huge, and if that doesn’t impress, at least the new showerheads appear to be working better than those removed!

showerheads recycling

Showerheads for recycling