LED Lighting

Low Hanging Fruit. Save Energy, Save Money

Save thousands on energy costs by upgrading old inefficient lighting to LED downlights, panels and shop lighters, reducing your business’ overheads thanks
to generous government incentives.

An LED upgrade won’t just save resources and lower your energy bills, the high colour rendering performance of our globes and tubes helps your products
look more vivid and attractive to your customers.

Transform an old, dull showroom or retail space and save on energy and maintenance costs for years to come.

We have helped many retailers, large and small, achieve great energy savings through lighting alone. Contact us today to find out how you can start saving.

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This service is available in the following states:

  • Victoria
  • New South Wales
  • South Australia
  • Queensland

Downlights & Floodlights

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Replace all of your recessed halogen downlights and PAR38 floodlights with LEDs for only $33 including lamp, driver, plug base and installation.

Minimum 15 recessed halogen downlights replaced. Downlight replacement must be completed to qualify for floodlight replacement. 

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Panels & Battens

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Replace all of your halogen downlights with dimmable LEDs, or replace fluorescent troffers with LED panels, for a total of $33 installed, and replace battens for just $25ea installed.

Get rid of toxic mercury & outdated fittings – we will soon be able to replace the lot with safe, money-saving LED, and safely remove the old globes and fittings.

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We Understand Every Business Is Unique.

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Working with qualified and accredited electricians, and high-quality, energy efficient products backed with a 3-year manufacturers warranty, Ecovantage will organise a free assessment and installation of lights on the same day.

Save up to $2250 on supply and installation, and up to $2300 per year on your energy bill by changing 50 halogen downlights to LEDs.

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