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Solar Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates.

Get paid up to four times more for your solar in Victoria!

Victorian solar systems are eligible to create Solar VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates). VEEC payments are up to four times greater
value (than LGCs), combine easily with STCs (small-scale technology certificates), and give a super quick, 16 month, payback.

Take these two examples:

  1. 1000kW Solar System, 5% Export (95% Self-consumption), in Victoria can get:
    VEECs: $600,000 Vs LGC $286,000
  2. A 500kW Solar System, 10% Export (90% Self-consumption), in Victoria can get:
    VEECs: $260,000 Vs LGC $140,000

What are Solar VEECs?

Solar VEECs are energy certificates offered under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) scheme.

1 VEEC = 1 tonne C02 or 1MW/h energy saved

The major benefit of VEECs is that they are deemed for 9 years after a one year measurement period, compared to LGCs which are claimed year on year.

0.82 VEEC for systems energised before 31 January 2023.

0.67 VEEC for systems energised after 31 January 2023.

Claims for your Solar PV

VEECs are based on the amount of Solar Energy against your site energy usage. The larger the amount of energy saved the more Solar VEECs you are eligible to create.

Combine STCs and Solar VEECs

Not only can you receive payback with 16 months, you can claim STCs for your first 100kW and claim first 100kW worth of solar money upfront – no waiting period.

Why Ecovantage

At Ecovantage we empower businesses to have a positive impact on the environment. Solar VEECs in the true sense empower our customers by significantly reducing setup costs of installing solar systems.

Our specialist Engineers and Compliance team take care of the technical aspects for you so that you can take advantage of the greater and faster payback of VEECs.

  1. Strongest Product Offerings: We work directly with our solar partners to create the highest rebates, give cash-positive solutions, and offer finance to help get customers over the initial cash hurdles.
  2. Easy Collaboration: 24hr quote turn-around, dedicated account managers, and direct and proactive communication lines.
  3. Upfront Payments: Ecovantage have partnered with industry bodies to offer customer the entire rebate/certificates upfront. No finance. No loans. No risk.
  4. Market Stability: Like any open market the VEEC price fluctuates heavily. At Ecovantage we have seen the high and lows many times before and can help take the risk out of this for you. Whether this be with a fixed forward price or a set cost of business per certificate that you can take to the bank, we are your “sure thing” in a volatile market.

The Ecovantage Difference

To take the pain and risk out of the process we offer several advantages to our clients:

  • Bespoke Solutions: Ecovantage offers the most diverse certificate/rebate portfolio, with our team’s experience we customise solutions for the best fit and highest rebate.
  • Peace of Mind: We have successfully created and traded over two million VEEC certificates. With our experience and our dedicated local compliance team your claim is secure.
  • Minding Your Business: We realise that VEECs in solar are like any other part of your business, they are YOURS. This means we work with you to get the tailored outcome that YOU and YOUR clients need. Not just what a sales team wants to pitch you.

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