Well it’s that time of year again where we have pledged to make it a better year and are already feeling the guilts of not sticking to our goals.
These goals are usually health related and are easy to fail on forgoing that juice for a wine here and salad for a curry there, and before you know it your goals out the window and you’re feeling so bad that you give up altogether.
If this is all too familiar to you why not start a fresh and change focus to the health of our planet?
You can make small changes on a daily basis without worrying about that glass of wine and curry and build up a lifetime of good habits instead of a year’s worth.
The best way to kick start this new goal is to head down to the Sustainable Living Festival – Big Weekend at Federation Square in Melbourne this weekend (17-19 Feb)
The Sustainable Living Foundation started the Sustainable Living Festival in 1999 at Hanging Rock with exhibitors from all over the world and has called many places its home until settling in Federation Square in 2003 where it has been an annual event ever since.
This year the festival is running 11 Feb to 26 Feb with Talks, Demonstrations and workshops run at various locations throughout this time with the Big Weekend in Federation Square with exhibitors once again coming from near and far to show us their wares and let us know how we as individuals can still make a difference.
To find out more about the Sustainable Living Festival and what it has to offer have a look at the program at https://festival.slf.org.au/program
And remember the wise words of Margaret Mead… “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”