Ecovantage is pleased to announce it is part of the City of Melbourne’s drive to promote the state government’s Energy Saver Incentive for commercial buildings. Also known as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, financial incentives are available under the Energy Saver Incentive for commercial buildings that upgrade to more energy efficient lighting. By upgrading their lighting, businesses can achieve greater operational efficiency, save money on maintenance costs and lower utility bills.

Incentives are generated through the creation of Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates, which represent a tonne of carbon emissions saved through the uptake of energy efficient technology. Ecovantage is accredited under the scheme to provide these incentives.

Ecovantage, together with NuGreen Solutions, encourage Melbourne businesses to take advantage of the financial incentives available, beat electricity price increases and reduce their environmental impact.

For more information email Trevor Pedwell from Ecovantage on or call 1300 721 335