Whilst it is depressing to read about Coal making a comeback in fuel for electricity generation as broadly reported in the media today (Saddler in RenewEconomy and Hannam in The Sydney Morning Herald) atleast it underlines the importance of the energy efficiency schemes and the Renewable Energy Target.

If it wasn’t for the 11% reduction in demand in recent years, the Greenhouse Gas Emissions would have jumped far more than it is now.
The Coal power plants are being forced to pick up more of the load due to the drop in generation from the Snowy Hydro scheme, lowest output for 3 years, and the increase in gas price forcing gas plants to be turned down or off.
Interesting to read Saddlers analysis of the approx 30% increase in cost of electricity being dampened to about 13% due to the reduction in demand. That’s on average. For those million or more participating in the schemes, the 30% increase would be more often than not, completely covered by the savings delivered by energy efficient lighting, hot water and space heating systems!