VEET Bulletins

commercial lighting


VEET Bulletin - May 2017
June paperwork deadline for 2016 jobs

VEET Bulletin - January 2017
Service stations - BCA Class


VEET Bulletin - December 2016
Capacitor photo now required

Runabout upgrade - November 2016
What you need to do to upgrade Runabout

VEET Bulletin - November 2016
New Tax Invoice requirements

VEET Bulletin - September 2016
New decommissioning photos required

VEET Bulletin - August 2016
New CoES requirements

Heating and Hot Water


VEET Bulletin - May 2017
Heating and hot water - new CoES requirements

VEET Bulletin - February 2017
Heating and hot water - new evidence requirements


These materials are created and maintained by Ecovantage - not the Essential Services Commission. They are provided to assist our partners with the on-site evidence collection required under the VEET scheme. Any questions about these materials should be directed to Ecovantage.

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