Whilst some commentators have claimed a win due to the Napthine government’s failure to repeal the legislation, I’m less confident.

The reduction of the target from the current 5.4 million tonne to 2 million can still go ahead as it does not need a legislative change. The minister simply needs to formally request the Essential Services Commission to change it. It is my understanding that Minister Northe has said that this will be done early in the new year and certainly way before the May 31 deadline. This would effectively close the scheme for 2015 as supply would meet that lesser target by this stage. The industry will die and the Liberal government will then repeal the legislation in their own good time.

But the Greens and Labor support the scheme, and if the election sees a Labor government by Christmas, the energy efficiency industry will certainly be popping a cork or two!

We have a campaign underway to help Environment Victoria and the Renewable industry to target marginal seats and see a change of government – so here’s hoping!