Expect rain and prepare to wear our warm coats buttoned up to the chin when we step out into the cold days soon as the weather is becoming colder. Our homes will provide a warm sanctuary away from the chill and rain of the winter air, which we will dash back to, shivering at the day’s end.

Dropping our winter coats we will heat our homes to provide the comfort we craved while we were away settling in to the warmth for the night with friends and family.

And yet we may not be aware that our homes are not providing the optimum amount of warmth we aim for when heating our living environments. Invisible invaders are entering our homes and taking that precious warmth.  Heating costs will trouble many of us this winter as the price of bills has risen and the invisible invaders, or winter draughts will only add to the problem.

Winter draughts invade our homes through structural gaps beneath doors, around windows and from ceiling exhaust fans. These draughts push the heating costs of our homes up and sting our back pocket.

Draughts enter our homes, flow through our living spaces and exit carrying the warmth we have created from our heating systems. Unless we halt this process through effectively draught proofing our living spaces we will never heat our homes efficiently. Draught proofing is a cost effective and easy to apply solution to the invisible invader threat of winter draughts.

Ecovantage offers a range of products that are affordable and unobtrusive in their design, which will improve the thermal performance of you home. You may not notice their presence in your home but you will notice the difference in savings you will make. Effectively draught proof your home with Ecovantage and keep the invisible invaders outside in the cold this winter, where they belong.