The Victorian Government has announced that it will be scrapping the successful Victorian Energy Efficiency Scheme (VEET) on the back of some dodgy modelling results. The modelling outcomes show that reducing energy consumption is bad for the economy. This is a result that one would only expect could only be reached if the coal fired generators had written the report themselves.

Ecovantage is surprised by the government’s obvious contradictory statements where they say that they are concerned about saving householders energy costs through energy efficiency, and yet they are throwing out a mature and well regarded program that has delivered real results, in particular to low income earners. The impact assessment has some really dodgy data and yet we are not given the chance to test the numbers, it is a fait accompli!

An interesting statement within the report says that whilst accepting households are overall benefiting from the scheme, this is coming at the expense of energy company profit! So, I guess the question has got to be, “Who is Mr Northe (Morwell MP) really looking after here, the Victorian public or the energy companies?”.

The statement that says that there is no benefit to the deferral of investment into generation capacity (and infrastructure) is also a huge window into the drivers of this government and Mr Northe in particular. Maybe I’m daft but the benefits of reducing energy use may be that Victoria can finally turn off one of the dirtiest power stations – Hazelwood! What about no longer having to upgrade transmission and switching technology which has been the main reason for price increases in recent years.

Maybe I’m from Mars and not Spring St!