From Monday 12th March to Sunday 18th March thousands of women around Australia clipped on their pedometers to challenge themselves to walk the distance the developing world does every day to collect food, water and firewood, simple necessities that most of us take for granted.

Ecovantage was able to raise $1,200 through sponsorship which can provide an education for 5 girls that includes uniforms, travel costs and food for one year, so she can stay in school longer.
Most women and girls in these developing countries have to spend their days collecting such basic needs instead of getting an education, simply to be able survive. If we are able to help them access these basic needs closer to home and empower the women with more skills, their children will have a better opportunity to get a good education.

CARE Australia believes that if you
“Help 1 woman out of poverty and she’ll bring 4 people with her”

Educating girls has cascading benefits. Educated women are:
• less likely to die in childbirth
• more likely to have healthy babies
• more likely to send their children to school
• better able to protect their children from HIV, trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Put simply, educating women and girls provides the single highest return on investment in the developing world.

In total CARE Australia was able to raise $513,000 dollars through the walk in her shoes challenge 2012, which will go directly to help the 8.5 Million women across South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East in need of a helping hand.

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