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Warehouse high bay lights

Lower wattage means substantial energy savings

If your business involves large open spaces for warehousing or manufacturing, then upgrading to quality LED lighting will be of particular benefit. You will save up to 80% of your lighting costs and substantial amounts on maintenance.

Most warehouse spaces use high bay lights which typically use Mercury vapour or metal halide lamps of around 250-400W each. If you have lamps like these in your warehouse you can potentially save up to 80% of their energy costs by replacing them with 90-150W LED equivalents. Correct wattage of the replacement lamp depends on the existing ceiling height and required light levels in the area.

In addition to the wattage savings, LEDs have more energy efficient control gear so you'll get extra energy savings there as well.

LED lighting upgrade halves warehouse energy use

The graph below shows the immediate reduction in electricity usage after an LED lighting upgrade at Integrated Technology Services' warehouse in Sydney.


The first bill since the upgrade shows that energy consumption has already been halved, and this bill does not even cover the full period since the upgrade was undertaken!

ITS energy bill wide

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How much is your maintenance really costing you?

High ceilings typically mean expensive maintenance work. The maintenance effort required to replace just one high bay light for example, can be quite substantial.

Consider the total maintenance cost of replacing a single metal halide lamp:

  • cost of the replacement lamp
  • electrician's labour cost
  • cost of a scissor lift or other equipment to access the light fitting
  • disruption and lost productivity in the immediate work area.

LED high bays last around 50,000 hours compared to 10,000-15,000 hours for mercury vapour and metal halide lamps and typically come with a five year warranty.

Industrial lighting
Warehouse lighting health and safety

Improve the health and wellbeing of employees

Better light quality means increased comfort. When employees feel better, they work better, which means increased productivity.

High quality LED high bays provide uniform light output with no dark patches and good colour rendering. A well-lit environment can improve the health and safety aspects of a workplace by improving visibility which reduces the chance of accidents.

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Find out how much you could save with a FREE lighting assessment

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