Here at ecovantage, we thought it was high time we start keeping our friends up to date with everything that’s happening in energy efficiency and responsible energy consumption.

As a company, our intention is to make it easier for businesses, households and individuals to minimise their energy consumption, carbon emissions and negative environmental impact. To do this, we work with companies, councils and community groups in developing and managing programs that help people rethink their behaviours, and make small changes that make a difference. We also consult to businesses on how to integrate positive change into their business practises. To top it all off, we supply a range of energy saving products to the marketplace through our online store.

So that’s us. Through our blog we’ll be keeping our readers up to date with all the ins and outs of the business. Feel free to find out more about us on our main site where you can sign up to receive our e-newsletter, follow us on Twitter, link up with us on Facebook or get in touch with us via email at info[at]ecovantage[dot]com[dot]au to hear more about what we do. We’d love to hear from you.