Commercial Lighting Case Study - Warehouse & Office

Woodrow Kilns Reduced Lighting Energy By 75%

Energy Savings

$15,000 / year

Carbon Emissions Saved

48 tonnes C02 / year

Payback Period

4 months

The Project

Woodrow Kilns is Australia's leading manufacturer of quality kilns. After purchasing a new property in Picton to expand their production, they engaged Ecovantage in order to reduce electricity costs and create a safer working environment for their employees.



In the warehouse Ecovantage replaced the existing 56 x 400W Metal Halide highbays with a combination of more efficient 130W & 85W LED fittings.


In addition to the warehouse, a full fit out of the office space was undertaken, consisting of a one-for-one replacement of all recessed T8 fittings, which, taking into account the magnetic ballasts, used 88 watts per fitting.

These fittings were replaced with a 24W LED equivalent, achieving significant energy savings and better lighting for improved working conditions.

 Key Benefits of the Lighting Upgrade

  • A total of 90+ fittings replaced, resulting in a 75% reduction in lighting costs, and 48 tonnes of C02 saved per year.
  • An estimated $15,000 saving in electricity costs and maintenance over the course of one year, lifetime estimated savings of $238,000.
  • No more changing globes and tubes on a regular basis.
  • Peace of mind from the 5 year product warranties.
  • Total payback period of just 4 months.

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