Commercial Lighting Case Study - Warehouse & Office

Woodrow Kilns Reduced Lighting Energy By 75%

Energy Savings

$15,000 / year

Carbon Emissions Saved

48 tonnes C02 / year

Payback Period

0.3 months

The Project

Woodrow Kilns commissioned Ecovantage to undertake an energy efficient lighting upgrade at its warehouse and office space in Picton, NSW.



Woodrow Kilns is Australia's leading manufacturer of quality kilns.

After purchasing a new property in Picton to expand their production, they engaged Ecovantage in order to reduce their electricity costs and create a safer working environment for their employees.

Ecovantage replaced 35+ Metal Halide highbays with 130W & 85W LED fittings, and a mixture of old Flood lights to 50W LED equivalents.


In addition to the warehouse, a full fit-out of the office space was undertaken, consisting of a one-for-one replacement of all recessed T8 fittings, which, taking into account the magnetic ballasts, used 88 watts per fitting.

These fittings were replaced with a 24W equivalent, achieving significant energy savings.

 Key Benefits of the Lighting Upgrade

  • A total of 90+ fittings replaced, resulting in a 75% reduction in lighting costs, and 48 tonnes of C02 saved per year.
  • An estimated $15K saving in energy and maintenance over the course of one year, lifetime estimated savings of $238K.
  • With 5 year warranties, Woodrow Kilns has peace of mind knowing that they will not have to replace their lights for several years to come - no more changing globes / tubes on a regular basis. This helps to reduce the costs that mount-up over time, particularly in the high ceiling warehouse areas, which require special equipment to access the lights.
  • Total payback period of just 0.3 months.

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