Some local councils are really leading the charge toward a sustainable community and the City of Yarra is one such leader. Yarra has reduced energy use in council buildings by over 20%  through such measures as installing solar power on some 25 building roofs. While it is impressive that carbon neutrality was achieved for the city, it is even more impressive that the Council only utilised offsets after delivering on such a program.
The CEO of Ecovantage, Bruce Easton participated in a consultation group for the greenhouse mitigation component of the Yarra Environment Strategy last week. The session focused on opportunities to reduce the Council’s operational emissions and those across the Yarra community, and was jointly hosted by the Yarra Energy Foundation.
The take home message was that the City of Yarra needs to continue it’s momentum toward energy efficiency, distributed generation and pave the way for others to follow. Communication through good news stories is essential and case studies should be written and made available to all that may benefit from them.
Ecovantage looks forward to working with and within the City of Yarra into the future.