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Renewable Energy

Go Green – Save Energy, Save Money

At Ecovantage we are your energy solutions specialists. As your partner we work with you through the entire journey from emissions to net-zero.

With our wide range of services covering everything from solar system design and installation, to battery storage, electric vehicle charging, bespoke carbon neutrality solutions and everything in between we have the power, network and team members to implement your goals.

The Holistic Approach

At Ecovantage we are not a solar sales company, we are not an energy efficiency consultant. We are your energy solutions partner which means we will evaluate the BIG picture for you and deliver the best solution that suits you.

A holistic approach could mean an energy efficiency upgrade to decrease your energy consumption, then installing a smaller solar system, followed by optimising your energy bills, all while claiming local and federal rebates for you. We work with you to deliver the best solution. We will deliver you the whole package.

The Ecovantage Difference.

Ecovantage has an expert team consisting of project managers, engineers, business analysts, CEC workers and ACP specialists that will help you access local, state and federal-based government incentives to ease the transition toward energy efficiency through carbon abatement, and can support the move towards net-zero with our wide range of services.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

LED Lighting

Solar PV & Battery Storage

Electric Vehicle Charging

Outdoor Lighting

Bill Analysis


Energy Monitoring

Certificate Creation & Trading

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