Case Studies

Driveline Services takes on Multi-Technology and maximises savings.

Driveline Services

20 Year Savings


Payback Period

< 2 Years

20 year reduction in CO2 Footprint

1000 tonnes

Solar and heat pump for maximum savings.

New Homeowners from Eumundi

Lifetime Savings


Payback Period

< 2 years

Annual Reduction in CO2 Footprint

15 tonnes

Lower water heating costs for a family of seven.

Hot Water for Family of 7

Estimated Annual Savings


Hot Water Capacity


How Ecovantage Transformed Their Energy Efficiency


Yearly Savings.


Payback Period.

4 Years


100kW LONGi

Mitigating energy rate increases with solar.

Grafton District Services Club



Lifetime energy savings


Production estimate


Laverty Pathology Reduces Lighting Energy Use By 75%

Laverty Pathology

Lifetime Savings


Payback Period

4 Months

Reduction in Lighting Energy Usage


Empowering Sustainability and Savings

BIG4 Apollo Bay Pisces

Energy Savings


Payback Period

7-8 Years

Solar Production

78,000 kWh/year

Fantastic Furniture Reduces Lighting Energy Use By 70%

Fantastic Furniture

5 Year Savings


Payback Period

< 6 Months

Reduction in the energy usage


Inner-city Landlord Reduces Energy Use By 87%

Inner-city Saw-Tooth Roof

Estimated Lifetime Savings


Payback Period

5.3 Years

Reduction in the energy usage