Case Studies

Empowering Sustainability and Savings

BIG4 Apollo Bay Pisces

Energy Savings


Payback Period

7-8 Years

Solar Production

78,000 kWh/year

How Ecovantage Transformed Their Energy Efficiency


Yearly Savings.


Payback Period.

4 Years


100kW LONGi

Lower water heating costs for a family of seven.

Hot Water for Family of 7

Estimated Annual Savings


Hot Water Capacity


Mitigating energy rate increases with solar.

Grafton District Services Club



Lifetime energy savings


Production estimate


Solar and heat pump for maximum savings.

New Homeowners from Eumundi

Lifetime Savings


Payback Period

< 2 years

Annual Reduction in CO2 Footprint

15 tonnes

Laverty Pathology Reduces Lighting Energy Use By 75%

Laverty Pathology

Lifetime Savings


Payback Period

4 Months

Reduction in Lighting Energy Usage


Driveline Services takes on Multi-Technology and maximises savings.

Driveline Services

20 Year Savings


Payback Period

< 2 Years

20 year reduction in CO2 Footprint

1000 tonnes

Fantastic Furniture Reduces Lighting Energy Use By 70%

Fantastic Furniture

5 Year Savings


Payback Period

< 6 Months

Reduction in the energy usage


Inner-city Landlord Reduces Energy Use By 87%

Inner-city Saw-Tooth Roof

Estimated Lifetime Savings


Payback Period

5.3 Years

Reduction in the energy usage