Commercial & Industrial Solar.

More and more Australian businesses are choosing to generate their own clean energy from renewable sources and reduce their reliance on grid energy.  Whether you want to save on overheads and running costs, move closer to carbon neutral targets, enhance brand image, or gain a level of security against electricity price increases, Ecovantage can provide a custom, financially positive solution for your organisation. Speak with one of our Specialists to get started today. 

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Solar Incentives – Energy Certificates.

Solar projects can generate energy certificates representing the megawatts generated through the array. These certificates can be traded to gain a financial benefit, or surrendered to claim the renewable energy benefit. 

Small-medium business solar projects <100kW can create Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) which can be traded to reduce the upfront cost of purchase. 

Large commercial and industrial solar systems >100kW can generate Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs). These can be traded for financial return, or held to offset energy towards goals of carbon neutrality. Like STCs, LGCs are available nation-wide.

For businesses in Victoria, Victorian Energy Certificates (VEECs) are issued for each tonne of avoided greenhouse gas emissions. VEECs are traded to reduce the capital cost of projects and unlike LGCs allow business to retain ownership of the carbon attributes of their solar system. Combine this with a far higher financial value to the system owner and VEECs are one of the best programs for commercial solar on the market today.

As Australia’s most trusted Authorised Certificate Provider (ACP), Ecovantage handles all certificate management internally, providing direct advice on the best arrangement for your project.

There are many kinds of tradable environmental attributes that represent a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This short video will explain them.

Don’t want to watch? Read the transcript here.

Trading Made Easy.

Maximise your return on Large Scale Generation energy certificates.

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Finance Options.

Power Purchase Agreement

Ecovantage will build, own and operate solar on the roof of your premises. You buy the electricity generated at a cheaper rate than from the grid. This requires no capital outlay from you, Ecovantage manages all maintenance and insurance, and you see substantial energy savings.

Solar System Buy-Back

If your business has installed a solar system in the last 4 years, you may be eligible to have it purchased back from you in an arrangement to buy the energy produced at a significantly cheaper price than grid energy. This gives an instant cash boost with no maintenance or management hassles.

Smart Ease Finance

Ecovantage recommends Smart Ease for finance. With Smart Ease we can often obtain a 48 hour approval with a full breakdown of the loan and repayments, including a comparison of historical grid-energy bills and forecasted solar bills.

Solar Successes.

Big4 Apollo Bay installed 64kW of solar, generating 78,000 kWh per year.

Roband’s 100kW, 240-panel system will save approx. $30,000 annually.

Key Points to Consider for a Successful Solar Project

Commercial solar installations offer a multitude of benefits for businesses, including cost savings, a reduction in Scope 2 emissions, and improved energy security. However, navigating the process can be complex, and ensuring success requires careful consideration of several key aspects.

Here are the essential elements to look for in a successful commercial solar system project.


Commercial Solar Checklist

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Areas We Cover.

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Why Choose Ecovantage.

Direct Relationships

Ecovantage has direct relationships with a number of manufacturers of solar panels, inverters, batteries and other solar components. This means that unlike many other solar energy companies, if required we can bypass resellers for hardware support.

Trusted Since 2007

Our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sunshine Coast are staffed with over 70 employees who are genuinely passionate about climate change and are dedicated to helping our customers manage carbon and energy.

Product Agnostic

We have a strong in-house capability in engineering and design so each project is bespoke – no cookie-cutter approach like many other solar companies. We are product-agnostic and will recommend a configuration that best suits your needs, based on interval data for consumption analysis and location-specific energy production.

Specialist Team

With dedicated engineers, compliance officers and program managers in each state, we offer localised support to our implementation partners, which enables us to ensure comprehensive compliance within the schemes.

End-to-End Solutions.

Supporting you from site assessment and product supply to certificate generation and trading.

Specialist Services

The Solar Process.

Usage Analysis & System Design

Ecovantage’s Energy Solutions Specialists will review your historic usage and our engineer will design a bespoke solar solution.

Proposal Acceptance

Ecovantage submits an in-depth proposal with satellite imagery. You accept the proposal and lock in your finance structure preference.

Project Delivery & Power Station Registration

Ecovantage and installation partners install the system and we register you as a new power station.

Energy certificates

Certificate Creation & Use

Ecovantage manages the energy certificate creation process and you choose to monetise or surrender them.

Ongoing Monitoring & Reporting

Ecovantage remotely monitors the system’s performance and provides periodic reporting back to you.

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