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Save Energy by Cutting Overheads.

Energy makes up a significant portion of running costs in large facilities, including warehouses and manufacturing plants. Businesses that run extended hours, overnight, and across weekends, consume high amounts of energy through the use of specialised machinery, lighting, heating and cooling.

These overheads add up quickly, but with the use of smarter, more energy-efficient technologies, you can save significant amounts on running costs, whilst making the working environment safer and more comfortable for staff.

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A Multi-Technology Approach.

Product-agnostic, our Specialists approach each project as a blank slate. We recommend starting with an energy assessment of your entire business; from lighting to HVAC, fleet and machinery, through to energy supply and infrastructure. We will identify the opportunities for energy reduction, energy production and operational strategies outside of technologies that can help to reduce your energy costs.

If we identify opportunities that don’t fit into our internal capabilities, we bring in partner organisations who can help with specialised solutions.

Roband Transforms Their Energy Efficiency.

Roband took a 3-pronged approach to energy efficiency, working with Ecovantage for a 100kW solar system, LED lighting upgrade, and review of their energy supply contracts.

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Acer’s Lighting Upgrade Saves $30,000.

Acer commissioned Ecovantage to undertake an energy-efficient lighting upgrade at its large facility in Homebush, resulting in 426 light fittings upgraded. The project achieved an estimated energy savings of $30,000 per year, with a payback period of only 7 months.

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Acer case study

Calcoup Knitwear Saves 84% on Energy Costs.

Undertaking an energy upgrade to replace over 200 light fittings and install an 18.81kW solar power system, Calcoup Knitwear achieved significant energy savings for their warehouse, office and plant areas.

This achieved an annual 19 tonne emissions reduction, 59.6% reduction in total grid energy use, and with over $8,000 in incentives, a combined payback period of only 1.5 years.

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Calcoup case study

Woodrow Kilns Reduces Lighting Energy By 75%.

Upon expanding into a new facility to increase their production, Woodrow Kilns engaged Ecovantage to reduce their electricity costs. After replacing over 90 fittings, a 75% reduction in lighting costs was achieved, with a payback period of just 4 months.

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Woodrow Kilns case study

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