As Australia’s largest ACP, Ecovantage is your partner in generating federal and state energy certificates. With extensive experience working with Australian businesses since 2007, we’ll take the stress out of calculating certificate rebates, data gathering and achieving scheme compliance.

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Why Choose Ecovantage.

Whether you’re claiming energy certificates as an end user, EPC or Installer, time is always of the essence. At Ecovantage, we guide you from start to finish through the claim process to make it simple, smooth and successful.

We actively mitigate the risk of any delays that could potentially arise in the process. A dedicated Account Manager is assigned to each client to create a single point of contact and ease in the flow of information.

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A Competitive Advantage.

If your business already works in the relevant areas, such as electrical, plumbing and hardware installations, generating energy certificates can give you an instant competitive advantage. 

By maximising the available rebates you can immediately begin to offer incentives and discounts to your customers. Win more sales and grow your business all within your business-as-usual operations.

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Ecovantage is proud to be Australia’s largest Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP). We are actively operational under all federal and state government energy programs, and as a result we are the most versatile certificate creator in Australia.

This breadth of knowledge and experience allows us to first qualify, then complete your project under the program most relevant to your requirements.

Certificates we can work with you to generate include:

Certificates we can work with you to generate include:

Your Dedicated Support.

With our team’s experience we customise solutions for the best fit and highest rebate for your project. Our national certificates teams are based out of Victoria , New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, so you’ll have a dedicated account manager available to answer any questions you have about state and federal energy certificates, new opportunities, and changes in the energy industry. 

Your account managers analyse market activity, creation metrics, policy changes, and consultation releases in conjunction with wider landscape activity.

This allows us to keep you at the forefront of all relevant changes, and to leverage the advantage that this presents.

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Australian Certificate Attributes and Recognition


Certificate Classification Representative Of Attribute Recognised by External Programs? Purpose
ACCU Carbon Credit 1 Tonne of CO2-e Carbon Recognise and Measure Carbon Abatement
LGC Renewable Energy Certificate 1 MWh of Renewable Generation Renewable Energy Recognise and Measure Renewable Generation
STC White Certificate 1 Calculated MWh of Renewable Generation None Create a Financial Incentive for Small-Scale Renewable Generation
VEEC White Certificate 1 Calculated Tonne of CO2-e None Create a Financial Incentive for Energy Efficiency Upgrades
ESC White Certificate 1 Nominal MWh None Create a Financial Incentive for Energy Efficiency Upgrades
PRC White Certificate 0.1kW of Peak Demand Reduced None Create a Financial Incentive for Peak Demand Reduction
REPS White Certificate 1 Calculated GJ None Create a Financial Incentive for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

White certificates = STCs, ESCs, VEECs & REPs

Program ACCUs LGCs White Certificates
Climate Active

SBTi (Net Zero)

Green Building Council of Australia
Greenhouse Gas Protocol


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