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With over 15 years of lighting upgrades for Australian businesses, we’ll take the stress out of your energy-efficient lighting upgrade.

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See the Light and Save.

Save up to 80% on lighting costs with an upgrade to LED lighting in your warehouse, offices and outdoor areas.

With an LED lighting upgrade you will achieve uniform light output for a safer and more comfortable working environment, less downtime with long product lifetimes, and significantly reduced maintenance costs from replacing globes. And many lighting upgrades can be undertaken outside of operating hours, reducing disruption to business.

Albert Park Tennis Club

Albert Park Tennis Club saves 78% on lighting costs. Read about it here.

Warehouse Lighting.

The long lifespan of quality LED lighting is of particular benefit to warehouse environments. Less maintenance saves on costs, and reduces the inherent risks of accessing high fixtures.


An estimated $30k per year cost reduction for Acer’s Homebush warehouse. Read about it here.

Office Lighting.

Upgrading your office lighting can save you up to 70% of your annual lighting costs. With short payback periods and a product lifetime up to 9 years, even on a short five year lease businesses can achieve a positive return on investment.

Energy efficient LED lighting

Read about all the benefits of an LED upgrade in your office space here.

Car Park Lighting.

Car parks and fire stairs are typically occupied only 9% of the time, so an optimal lighting solution for these areas provides a standby level of light at all times, and full light when a space is occupied.

Installing LEDs with occupancy sensors and other smart lighting control devices means that your lights are only working when they need to, lowering your energy use and further extending the lifetime of your lighting infrastructure.

Stockland Baulkham Hills cut lighting costs by 90%. Read about the project here.

Retail Lighting.

In a retail store, a lighting upgrade can be an opportunity to redesign existing lighting to best showcase products. Choosing an LED with high colour rendering performance will help your products appear more vivid and attractive to your customer, and if your existing fittings are tired and unattractive, upgrading will give you an opportunity to improve the aesthetic of the space.

Randwick Library

Almost $64k annual savings for Randwick City Council Library. All the details about that project are here.

School Lighting.

Many education facilities switch to LED lighting to not only achieve energy cost savings, but move toward sustainability goals and enhance their reputation within the competitive school landscape.

Epping Secondary

Epping Secondary achieved a 60% reduction in lighting energy. Read the case study here.

Financial Incentives.

To reduce the investment into energy-efficient lighting, government incentives are available in Victoria under the VEU program, South Australia under the REPS program, and New South Wales under the ESS. If you are undertaking a lighting upgrade along with other activities, there may be additional incentives available. 

Your Energy Solutions Specialist will provide an upgrade proposal including full ROI and payback period.

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Take Your Business to Carbon Neutral.

Along with upgrading to LED lighting, your Ecovantage Energy Solutions Specialist can recommend ways to save, generate and use energy in your business.

hot water

Heat Pump Hot Water

Heat pump hot water systems can reduce your water heating costs by up to 70%. Often these can be a straightforward swap from electric storage hot water, and rebates are available to reduce these down to as little as $0.

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Whether you want to save on overheads, move toward carbon neutral, or gain a level of security against electricity price increases, solar is the solution. Talk to us about solutions for both building owners and tenants

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EV Charging

Power your fleet, provide extra customer value, and even generate a new income stream while making a substantial reduction in greenhouse emissions and the reliance on fossil fuels by investing in commercial EV chargers.

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Reducing Your Emissions.

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