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Case Study

Car Park Lighting.

Tamworth Regional Council Reduce Energy Use By 100%

Tamworth Regional Council

After an energy-efficient LED lighting upgrade, Tamworth Regional Council eliminated their energy usage, with over $44,000 saved per year.

Estimated Annual Savings


Lighting Energy Savings


Payback Period

1.7 Years

The Project

Tamworth Regional Council engaged Ecovantage to supply and manage the lighting for a new car park extension at a busy sporting precinct. They needed a tailored lighting solution that provided all the benefits of a regular grid-connected light, but would be completely off-grid.

The solution needed to be cost-effective, utilise the existing space well and not impede any sporting activities. This installation needed to be a simple set-and-forget upgrade with no compromise to the lighting quality for the comfort and safety of the car park users.

The Solution

The Tamworth Regional Car Park now runs on 100% all-in-one solar lights. We recommended a solar lighting solution based on the GFS-ASPIRE-225, delivering a beautifully designed, fully integrated and intelligent off-grid lighting solution.

Designed in Australia, the GFS ASPIRE offers an environmentally friendly, off-grid solar option where traditional lighting is impractical or cost prohibitive. The scalable modular design enables various configurations depending on the application and requirements.

The ASPIRE range offers a wide variety of options including multiple panels, pole heights and battery arrangements. It is also compatible with Solar Activity Monitoring (SAM), a software connection enabling centralised monitoring and control of the lighting assets from a remote dashboard.

The Outcome

This lighting solution provides vibrant lighting throughout the evening and night, and supports the council’s mission to reduce the community’s carbon footprint. The upgrade will save the Tamworth Regional Council approximately 2.9MWh/year, and about $44,000 on energy costs, maintenance and grid connection after 10 years.

Tamworth Regional Council will benefit from close to zero maintenance costs due to the 5-10 year warranties of products. With the independent lighting structures in a busy car park, the solar lighting also reduces lighting network interruptions in the case of collision with a light.

Key Benefits of the Lighting Upgrade

  • A total of 15 lights installed
  • Energy savings of up to $44,000 over the product’s warranted life
  • Grid energy usage reduced by 100% thanks to solar
  • Total payback period of only 1.7 years


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