Pre-Installation Photos.

Thank you for choosing Ecovantage for your hot water system replacement.

To ensure a smooth and efficient installation process, we require some photos and/or videos of your existing system and the proposed location for the new heat pump. This helps us and our installers to anticipate any challenges and coordinate a smooth installation.

Ensure good lighting for capturing clear images and videos, and refer to the example images below. If have any difficulties or have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Click on any image below to enlarge it.

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Existing Hot Water System

Full view: capture a clear photo of the entire hot water system, including the brand and model, and where it’s located.

Example photo of existing gas hot water system

Compliance Plate

Take a close-up photo of the data plate, usually found on the side of the unit. This plate contains important information such as the model number, serial number and energy rating.

Example photo of a hot water system's compliance plate

Services Connections

Water connection: photograph the water pipe connections at the top and bottom of the unit.

Gas connection (if applicable): if your current system is gas, take a photo of the gas pipe connection.

Electrical connections: capture a clear photo of the electrical connections and wiring.

Example photo of the connections for an existing hot water system

Surrounding Area

Take a photo of the area surrounding the hot water system, including any obstacles or access limitations.

Example photo of the area around a new heat pump location

Proposed New Heat Pump Location

Full view: capture a wide shot of the entire proposed location for the heat pump, including the wall and surrounding area.

Example photo of the proposed location for the new heat pump

Electrical Panel

Photograph the electrical panel that will supply power to the heat pump.

Example photo of a switchboard or electrical panel

Access Points

If there are any specific access points or pathways that the installers will need to use, please capture them in a video or photographs.

Example photo of the access to a property