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Victorian Energy Upgrades.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) scheme is a program through the Victorian State government aimed at promoting energy efficiency activities in residential and commercial buildings. 

The VEU scheme aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through the implementation of energy efficient technologies and clean energy production.


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How The VEU Program Works.

Under the scheme, energy retailers achieve energy reduction targets by offering financial incentives to consumers for upgrading or installing energy-efficient products and technologies.

These can be significant discounts on approved energy-efficient appliances, lighting, water heating, solar panels and other approved activities.

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How Ecovantage Fits In.

Accredited Providers, like Ecovantage, ensure activities and upgrades meet the scheme requirements, then generate energy savings certificates. Those certificates are sold in a closed market and the value is often used as an offset against the project costs.

At Ecovantage we offer end-to-end projects solutions, from current-state assessment through to project implementation and certificate generation. We also work with a network of trusted installers to carry out projects on our behalf, and our industry-leading Compliance team undertake project review and certificate applications for other energy organisations.

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Australia’s Most Versatile ACP.

Ecovantage specialises in creating, trading, and supplying all energy certificates, including ESCs. We assist you in balancing the financial and environmental scales for each project. 

Ecovantage provides an end-to-end service, from site audits and project management, through to generation and monetisation of the created certificates. 

The treatment of certificates is based on the financial and carbon goals of each organisation. The options available are presented with their relevant outcomes on both fronts, to ensure your decision is an informed one. Ecovantage generates and trades certificates as an authorised provider through the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).

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