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Energy efficiency and Renewable Energy schemes have been implemented by national and state governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the take-up of renewable energy.

Entities, mostly large electricity retailers, pay for the programs to run by purchasing energy savings/renewable certificates representing energy savings created through initiatives such as solar power, lighting changeovers and hot water upgrades.

South Australia

South Australia: REPS
Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme


Victoria: VEEC
Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates

New South Wales

New South Wales: ESC
Energy Saving Certificates

Australia wide

National: LGC
Large Scale (Renewable) Certificates

Australia wide

National: STC
Small Scale (Renewable) Certificates

Australia wide

National: ACCU
Australian Carbon Credit Units


Certificate Monetisation

Most certificates are traded on an open market, much like a stock market, by an accredited partner such as Ecovantage. The large energy retailers buy the certificates and the financial incentive is returned to the business or household either an as upfront discount or delayed cash benefit.
REPS certificates are not an open market and are negotiated between the accredited parties (Ecovantage) and energy retailers in large batches at the beginning of each year. ACCUs and LGCs can also be surrendered by the creator as part of carbon abated (as seen below).



If you monetise certificates you will receive a financial rebate under your state or federal scheme when the certificates are traded.

This gives you an immediate financial gain, often used to offset the cost of the energy efficiency or renewable project.


Carbon Credit Surrender

If you are part of a large organisation that has a baseline emissions target, you can purchase and surrender ACCU or LGC certificates to reduce your net emissions.

You can also surrender certificates to count towards your organisation achieving carbon neutrality.

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