Grab a cape, Ecovenger.

Well, we don’t actually wear capes (…yet) but we do think we are making the world a better place.

Since our humble beginnings in 2007 as a two-person powerhouse in Melbourne, Ecovantage has focused on recruiting just the right kind of people. People who care about our environment, our climate, and our focus to fight the effects of human-caused climate change. We’re up to about 80 of those people now, in four states across Australia.

Energising change within our team

Join Australia’s largest ACP who pride themselves on being a close-knit, solutions-focused organisation, helping Australian homes and businesses use energy more efficiently, produce clean energy, and move towards carbon neutrality.

over 15 languages spoken at Ecovantage

15 languages spoken across our team.

all age groups are represented at Ecovantage

Fresh minds blending with experienced leaders.

gender breakdown

Bucking the gender split trend for our industry.

Values Aligned.

All of our work contributes to the fight against climate change. We do this through energy usage reduction, clean energy generation, and facilitating energy certificate trading to reduce Australia’s overall carbon footprint as we collectively move towards the 2050 net zero target.

If you’re excited to put your talents to work in a role that aligns with your values, you sound like our Ecovengers! We love to hear from people who share our passion, so reach out!

Victorian Team Clean Up Australia 2023

What do You Want to Achieve?

I want to make a difference.

With us you will, every day, as we fight against climate change through reducing CO2 emissions. 

I want opportunity for development in my role.

Our company-wide learning and development initiatives open up opportunities for access to in-person and online training, webinars, conferences and much more.

I want to grow within the organisation.

Our internal-first policy and referral programs mean you will have the first shot at roles as they open, before we look externally. We have many stories of Ecovengers who have climbed the ranks across departments, growing their knowledge along with their careers. 

I want to have the flexibility to work around my family and other commitments.

We care about getting things done, not time spent in an office. Hybrid working and flexible hours are available for everyone in our team so they can be happy, productive, and stress-less.

The Process.

What are You Waiting For?

Follow the link below to see all of the available positions we are currently recruiting for. If there’s nothing there that grabs your interest or aligns with your skillset, send an enquiry through to our Recruitment team and tell us why you’d make a great Ecovenger.