Hot Water Energy Savings.

When replacing an electric storage hot water unit powered by the grid, your business’ energy use and emissions associated will be significantly lower. If you have solar, the efficiency of a heat pump frees up more electricity for other uses.
While both gas heaters and heat pumps produce about 1.6 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year, heat pumps can pair with solar PV and will dramatically reduce this 1.6 tonnes.
As the world switches to using more renewable energy, the carbon footprint of your electric heat pump will reduce. So, if you want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint then an electric heat pump is a great option.

There are many ways to save energy  in your business, you just have to know where to look. This short video will help you identify the opportunities.

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What is a Heat Pump?

Like a split system air conditioner, heat pump hot water units contain the heating process and limit energy waste.

The heat pump unit uses electricity to power the fan and compressor, but unlike conventional hot water systems, does not use electricity to heat the water. Instead, the heat pump extracts energy from the surrounding air and uses the thermal energy to heat the water.

How a heat pump works

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Energy Savings Incentives.

Thanks to state and government-facilitated schemes, we can upgrade your electric hot water system to an energy-efficient heat pump at a fraction of the retail price. Under these schemes, energy certificates are awarded to activities that reduce carbon dioxide emitted into our environment.

Heat pump hot water systems are very energy efficient, and some states offer certificates on top of those already on offer from the federal government. These certificates can then be traded, and the value is used to discount the heat pump being installed.

As Australia’s leading Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP), we have extensive experience in generating and trading certificates.

There are many kinds of tradable environmental attributes that represent a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This short video will explain them.

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Which Commercial Heat Pumps
Do You Use?

Ecovantage recommends the Quantum Titan series of heat pumps for many commercial applications*. These heat pumps are designed for commercial use and feature a larger compressor than domestic systems, producing up to 3,500 litres of hot water per day. They can operate as stand-alone units or be manifolded together for larger commercial or industrial applications

*Your property and usage will be assessed prior to a recommendation being made. 

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