Reducing Your Emissions

The climate is changing around us. And the conversation around it is getting louder. The need for sustainable solutions and cooperation from all walks of life is certain. But for businesses, playing our part isn’t always straightforward. Our objective is clear but the pathway often isn’t. It’s not as simple as turning off a light or two. But with the right help, reducing your emissions can be easier than you think.

Often because there are already so many opportunities for reduction within your business, you just have to know where to look.

Starting with energy efficiency. When was the last time you updated your lights, your appliances, machinery or even heating and cooling systems?

Often with a simple swap to newer, more energy efficient tech, you can see your emissions decrease. It could be as simple as upgrading to LED lighting, or as involved as replacing company cars with electric vehicles. It’s up to you. Although the bigger your energy savings, the bigger the savings on your energy bills. You might even generate financial rebates on your upgrades.

Then there’s renewable energy. What if the energy powering your new, efficient technologies was sustainable? Switching to renewable energy is a small step with a big impact and can be done in two ways. You could produce it on-site by installing solar panels. Or, you could go for off-site acquisition, where you purchase renewable energy from an external supplier.

Seeking out energy efficiencies and switching to renewable power are just two of the many ways you can reduce your energy usage, reduce your operating costs and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

The options might seem endless, but there’s always someone on hand to help. Chat to our team at Ecovantage to start reducing emissions at your business. Or get acquainted with the next step in your decarbonisation journey and check out our video on ‘Emission Trading’.

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