Save with Heat Pump Hot Water

Upgrade Your Electric Hot Water System For Little to No Cost.

Thanks to government-facilitated subsidies, we can upgrade your electric hot water system to an energy-efficient heat pump for as little as $99 in VIC & SA, and $132 in NSW, in many cases.

Plus, once you upgrade you’ll save up to 70% on your water-heating costs, saving hundreds on energy bills every year.

We offer a range of heat pump sizes and brands to suit every household, all with great Australian warranties on parts and labour.

If you have gas hot water you can still cut your energy bills significantly with a heat pump upgrade. Read more about upgrading from gas.

Save energy and save money at home

State-Based Incentives.

State and federal energy saving programs dictate the financial incentives and rebates that are available for upgrades.



Under the VEU, we can swap out an electric hot water system for a heat pump from $99.


South Australia

Under the REPS program, a new heat pump can be yours from $99. Concession card holders, renters paying under $400 per week, and other eligible applicants may be eligible to upgrade for $0.


New South Wales

Under the HEER program a new heat pump hot water system can be supplied and installed from only $132.



While there are no state incentives in Queensland, we can still supply and install a new heat pump at a reduced cost thanks to federal programs. The savings are still the same – up to 70% less energy used!

The pricing above is for the supply and install of the unit in place of an existing, outdoor electric hot water system.
Additional costs may be incurred for unit relocations, concrete slabs, or extra plumbing and electrical work. A proposal will be supplied upon application and assessment, prior to commencing work.

Save up to 70% on Water Heating Costs.

Heat pump hot water units self-contain the heating process to limit energy wastage, just like a split system air conditioner.

A fan draws in air which contains heat energy, the gas inside the condenser coil heats the water inside the tank, then reverts to a liquid and continues to the evaporator to begin the process again.

What does this mean?

If you upgrade from an old electric hot water system to an energy-efficient heat pump, you can save hundreds every year in water heating costs, whilst reducing your environmental footprint.

Will I actually save money?

Sustainability Victoria has provided data that compares the running costs from a variety of Hot Water appliances to help show which option is actually the most cost-effective method of heating your water.

The data compares a 5.5-star gas storage system, a 7-star gas instantaneous system, an electric storage off-peak system, a high-efficiency solar electric boosted system, an instant LPG system, and a high-efficiency hot water heat pump on an off-peak tariff.

For example, Victorian households who use the very common electric storage hot water system, the average annual cost to heat water is $900. Heat pumps, on the other hand, can do the same job for approximately $685 cheaper (76% less).

It’s important to remember though that each home’s precise running costs will depend on the electricity tariffs, pump model, and hot water usage.

Hot water energy and cost comparison graph

Data from Sustainability Victoria’s Hot Water Running Costs, comparing 5-star gas storage, 7-star gas instantaneous, electric storage, high-efficiency solar electric boosted, 7-star LPG instant, and high-efficiency heat pump, off-peak tariff for 4 people, using 150L per day. Accurate as at 2 August 2023.

How a Heat Pump Works.

How a heat pump works

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Gas Hot Water Upgrades.

Under the state and federal energy saving programs, the upgrade of a gas hot water system to a heat pump system isn’t currently supported by as many incentives compared to electric hot water systems. However, based on the efficiency of heat pump systems, we highly recommend making the upgrade.

With up to 50% savings on running costs compared to gas heating, the money saved on energy bills will soon cover the cost of the new heat pump.

Ecovantage can supply and install a heat pump hot water system outside your home. To apply for your upgrade, please complete our enquiry form and one of our Energy Efficiency Specialists will contact you.

Heat Pump Specifications.

Model    Volume  Number of bedrooms Household Size  Dimensions   Operating Volume  Operating Temperature  Refrigerant   Energy Consumption    Coefficient of Performance    Warranty      Where Produced   Approved Certificates   Price

The coefficient of performance (COP) is a ratio of useful heating or cooling provided to work (energy) required. Higher COPs equate to higher efficiency, lower energy (power) consumption and thus lower operating costs.

EcoGenica is Australia's number one selling heat pump - backed by a 7 year tank warranty. They are designed for Australian conditions with a wide operating temperature.

 EcoGenica 215 Litre

Number of bedrooms 1-2 bedrooms
1,290 x 1,950mm
-7 to +40ºC
4.8 COP*
 7 years tank, 5 years compressor
REPS/VEU/ESS approved
From $99 in VIC
From $132 in NSW
From $99 in SA

 EcoGenica 260 Litre

Number of bedrooms 3 bedrooms
600 x 2,115mm
-7 to +41ºC
4.6 COP*
 7 years tank, 5 years compressor
REPS/VEU/ESS approved
From $451 in SA, from $540 in VIC & NSW

Stiebel Eltron units are German engineered and built to last. They feature PV integration and are smart grid ready.

Stiebel Eltron 222 Litre

WWK 222 H
Number of bedrooms 1-2 bedrooms
630 x 1,937mm
-5 to +45ºC
3.94 COP*
 5 years tank, 2 years compressor
Engineered in Germany
REPS/VEU/ESS approved
From $1,999 VIC, SA
From $2,299 NSW

Stiebel Eltron 302 Litre

WWK 302 H
Number of bedrooms 4 bedrooms
690 x 1,569mm
-5 to +45ºC
3.58 COP*
 5 years tank, 2 years compressor
Engineered in Germany
REPS/VEU/ESS approved
From $2,199 VIC, SA
From $2,499 NSW

Recommended Tank Capacity & Models.

Although the number of people is the biggest factor in your household’s hot water usage, we recommend going off of the amount of bedrooms in your home. This is because the amount of occupants may change over time and with them the demand for hot water.

Number of Bedrooms Recommended Unit Capacity Suitable Heat Pump Models
1-2 150-225 litres Ecogenica EG-215FR290
Stiebel Eltron WWK 222 H
Quantum 200-08AC6-290
3 225-300 litres Ecogenica EG-260FR290
Quantum 270-08AC6-290
4 300-375 litres Stiebel Eltron WWK 302 H
5 or more More than 375 litres Ecogenica EG-215FR290-TWIN


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Heat Pump Offer T&Cs

Our Heat Pump offer is available to approved customers under the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program (VEU), SA Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS), NSW Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits (HEER) and the Federal Renewable Energy Target Program (RET), which is designed to reduce household and commercial greenhouse gases. These energy efficiency programs facilitate the creation of energy efficiency certificates which are created through a deemed or measured carbon abatement within the methodologies and guidelines set out by each program regulator. The amount of carbon abatement is then translated into energy efficiency certificates, which have a market value and are used to subsidise the energy efficiency upgrade which is taking place.

This means a new 215 litre energy-efficient heat pump hot water system can be yours for little cost in many cases. Additional fees will be incurred for replacing in-ceiling or internal hot water systems, non-electric hot water systems, where any additional plumbing or electrical work are required, or when upgrading to a larger unit. Ecovantage will ask you a series of questions to help you to understand any costs that may be incurred prior to confirming your booking. We will provide an estimate based on the information provided, which may change if the information provided is incorrect or insufficient.

**Cost of installing a heat pump is based on an replacing a gas hot water system, in an outside location, with a solid base, close to a drain, power and water. Additional costs may be incurred for other locations, concrete slabs, or extra plumbing and electrical work. A proposal will be supplied upon application and assessment, prior to commencing work.

VEU Code of Conduct
We offer this product and service as part of the Victorian Energy Upgrade program. Participation in the VEU program is voluntary and the eligible products get a rebate or discount. Ecovantage is a private provider and an accredited provider to operate under the scheme.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards that consumers should expect from people and businesses delivering discounted products and services through the program. Furthermore, the information available to you includes a Statement of Consumer Rights and a Fact Sheet that outlines this activity in further detail.
The Code of Conduct can be downloaded here, or if you need a hard copy we can send this to you at your request.