Energising Change.

As Australia’s property landscape changes, we’ll guide you through energy requirements for your residential and commercial investments. One of Australia’s largest energy efficiency specialists with vast experience across the real estate industry, we make your journey easy. 

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Save Tenants Hundreds on Bills, Future Proof your Property.

With the ever-growing focus on eco-friendly living and the demand for housing that supports this, Ecovantage works with homeowners, landlords, tenants and agents to deliver technology-driven upgrades to make significant reductions to energy consumption. 

And, with government energy savings programs the cost of upgrades is often lower than you may expect.

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Incentives to Upgrade.

State and federal government energy savings schemes are aimed at promoting energy efficiency activities in residential and commercial buildings. These schemes are designed to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of energy efficient technologies and clean energy productions.

To support the adoption of energy-efficiency, government-facilitated financial incentives are available for the implementation of a range of technologies.

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Energy Efficiency Services for Homes.

Our team of residential energy efficiency specialists will ask you a series of questions to understand your property and its current energy-landscape. From there they will make recommendations around:

Heat pump hot water systems that are up to 70% more energy-efficient than electric units

Split system heating and cooling systems to replace window-rattlers and dated ducted systems to keep your tenants warm in winter and cool in summer

And any other opportunities identified.

Your Electric Home

Electrify Your Residential Properties.

Removing gas from homes is an important next-step in the fight against carbon emissions and energy-efficient living. Gas is expensive to use and is likely to become even more so, it is unhealthy inside the home and in suburbs in the gas delivery networks, and the production is inherently negative on the environment.

The Victorian government has acknowledged that moving away from gas is required to meet net zero targets. Fortunately there are many reasons to move away from gas, and many fantastic (and superior) alternatives to gas-powered appliances, so it’s a win-win.

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Induction cooktop

Commercial Building Upgrades.

Our national team of specialists will guide you through energy efficiency, energy production and energy certificate generation. We take you from site assessment and technology recommendations, project management and implementation, through to energy scheme compliance and certificate trading.

After completing an onsite assessment, you’ll be presented with a recommendation of technologies that can be implemented to impact the building’s overall energy profile. This can include:

Solar to generate clean, green energy to pass through to your tenants or to use as a revenue stream on top of the building’s lease.

LED lighting to improve the building’s appeal to prospective tenants, reducing their energy costs and presenting a more appealing workspace

Electric vehicle charging to provide greater value for tenants, generate income through charging, and create a destination location.

Hot water heat pumps to reduce tenant overheads and improve the property’s energy profile.


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