9869857 tonnes of carbon abatement

The Goal: 10 Million Tonnes.

As an organisation focussed on the fight against climate change, we measure our success in carbon abatement; how much we abate directly, how much we process through the energy certificates market, and how much through the projects we work on with our partners. 

In 2018 we celebrated the milestone of 5 million tonnes of abatement. At that point we created a target for our team to strive for: 10 million tonnes by 2025.

6 million was reached in 2022, and 6 months later in January 2023, we ticked over to 7 million. 2023 finished at just over 9 million, as we push to smash the 2025 goal!

Carbon Abatement:

The reduction of the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is produced when coal and oil are burned.

The emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide contributes to raising global temperatures and worsening the effects of climate change. In this context, carbon abatement refers to reducing these emissions to lessen the concentration of harmful gases in our atmosphere.

Calculating Our Abatement.

As Australia’s largest ACP, we generate ACCUs, LGCs, STCs, ESCs, and VEECs for energy-saving projects.

These certificates all have a carbon equivalent value, and the total cumulative of the certificates we’ve generated on behalf of our direct customers and partners is the abatement figure we celebrate.

Energy Flowing Through Our Veins.

Our team of 70 + staff in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland devote every minute of our working days to matters relating to carbon abatement and energy efficiency. 

A diverse bunch, we are all driven by the common focus of climate change, clean energy production, supporting our clients toward net zero, and low-cost, energy-efficient homes. 

Founded in Melbourne back in 2007 by our fearless leader Bruce in a small home office, we now heave teams in four states. To see more about Ecovantage’s leadership, head to Our Team.

The Ecovantage team all together in 2023

Certified Carbon Neutral.

Climate Active

Ecovantage is proud to be certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active for our organisation. It is important to us to live the values we promote, and lead by example.

A carbon neutral certification encompasses all of our business’ operations, including the carbon footprint of our teams from their home offices, communitng to and from our state offices, travel such as flights and accommodation, all the way through to printing of our brochures.

To learn more about how to make your home or business certified carbon neutral, see Climate Active.

Abatement Services.

There are a variety of ways in which abatement can be achieved, below are the services and technologies we specialise in to action our mission.

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