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Since 2007 Australian households and businesses have chosen Ecovantage as their trusted source for all things energy efficiency. We’re passionate about supporting climate-conscious Australians in the journey to remove dirty gas in favour of clean, green electricity.

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Anything that can be powered by natural gas and petrol can be powered by electric alternatives.


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Natural Gas

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Electrify for the Planet.

Removing gas from homes is an important next-step in the fight against carbon emissions. 

  • Gas is expensive to use and is likely to become even more so
  • It is unhealthy inside the home and in our suburbs in the delivery networks
  • It comes with negative impacts on the environment in the extraction and burning required to produce energy.

The Victorian and ACT governments have acknowledged that moving away from gas is required to meet net zero targets. Fortunately there are many reasons to move away from gas, and many fantastic (and superior) alternatives to gas-powered appliances, so it’s a win-win for the planet and for you!

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Electrify for your Wallet.

Many electric appliances are more energy-efficient than gas appliances, and in turn cost less to run. Swap your gas cooktop with an induction cooktop, change over old gas wall heaters and ducted systems to efficient split system air conditioning, and heat your water with a heat pump for real savings. 

Since last year, the wholesale price of gas has almost tripled – making the switch to electric a no-brainer. And then save even more when you disconnect your home from the grid – goodbye daily supply charges (up to $1 per day)!

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Electrify for a Healthier Home.

Gas appliances can leak small amounts of pollutants into the air, with most people completely unaware of this and the effects on their family’s health. DEA has found pollutants that can be releasing into your home include;

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Fine particles (PM2.5, along with ultrafine particles)
  • Volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

The easy way to avoid these pollutants in your home? Electrify your appliances.

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Electrify your own Clean Ecosystem.

You’ve moved over to fully electric energy-efficient appliances and ditched gas from your home. What’s next? 

Installing solar on your roof will turn your home into its own mini power plant. Create your own clean, green, sun-powered electricity so you rely even less on grid supplied (ie expensive) energy. Add a battery and you can store excess electricity throughout the day to use in the evenings and at night – maybe even to charge your electric vehicle, ditching petrol in the process! 

How much could you save? According to the Climate Council solar homes can save owners between $9,000 – $18,000 over 10 years.

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De-gasification is a smart investment – let’s incentivise that.

In this piece published by The Fifth Estate, Ecovantage’s CEO Bruce Easton highlights the economic and environmental benefits of transitioning to more efficient electric alternatives.


I thought ‘natural gas’ is clean? Why do we need to move away from it?
Clean isn’t exactly the right term for gas, it’s a legacy of the comparison to burning coal and oil. In the production and in the use of gas, it leaks chemicals, including methane, into the air around us, and still produces carbon emissions when it is burned for energy.

Don’t we need gas as we transition to clean energy?
1 in 4 Australian homes has solar, and along with wind and hydro, energy production has come a long way to be reliable and efficient. Plus with a battery connected to your home to store the solar energy for night consumption, there’s no reason to continue investing in new gas developments or maintaining ageing infrastructure in lieu of clean alternatives. 

Is gas cheaper than electricity?
Gas has historically been cheaper than electricity and this has added to it’s appeal, however this is changing. At the expiration of the government’s temporary price cap, gas prices are expected to rise by 20% (read more). The other consideration is the energy efficiency rating of the appliance you are using. If an electric alternative has a higher energy rating it may be cheaper to run, despite any differences in the energy supply. 

All of your questions, answered.
Take the uncertainty out of the switch to an all-electric home. See answers to more questions we hear from our clients.

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Ecovantage’s Role.

Ecovantage has been helping Australians reduce their energy costs for over 17 years. We strongly support the move to degasify homes and are gearing up to be a driving force in the transition to all-electric homes. We’ve listened to what you want and are currently developing a tool to help take your energy bill info and produce all the options you need to rid your home of gas, reduce your carbon footprint and save money. 

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