Home Electrification


1.Isn’t it better to cook with gas?

‘Cooking with gas’ has become representative of good progress or doing something well – a stretch beyond it’s origin as a marketing slogan, and not quite accurate anymore. Gas was favoured in the kitchen as superior to it’s alternative for many years; ceramic or electric coil cooktops. Newer induction cooktops offer a superior cooking experience with quick and efficient heat delivery directly to the pot or pan, the glass surface cools down more quickly than old electric stoves, and induction brings high temperate capabilities. Plus, no open flame means less risk of igniting fats and oils, and induction cooking carries none of the air pollutants of gas.

2.Isn’t gas cheaper than electricity?

Gas has historically been cheaper than electricity and this has added to it’s appeal, however this is changing. At the expiration of the government’s temporary price cap, gas prices are expected to rise by 20% (read more). The other consideration is the energy efficiency rating of the appliance you are using. If an electric alternative has a higher energy rating it may be cheaper to run, despite any differences in the energy supply.

3.Don’t we need gas as we transition to clean energy?

1 in 4 Australian homes has solar – an incredible achievement that has reduced the reliance on fossil fuels. Along with solar, wind and hydro energy production has come a long way to be reliable and efficient. Plus with a battery connected to your home to store the solar energy for night consumption, there’s no reason to continue investing in new gas developments or maintaining ageing infrastructure in lieu of clean alternatives.

4.I thought ‘natural gas’ is clean? Why do we need to move away from it?

Clean isn’t exactly the right term for gas, it’s a legacy of the comparison to burning coal and oil. In the production and in the use of gas, it leaks chemicals, including methane, into the air around us, and still produces carbon emissions when it is burned for energy.

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