Post-installation Heat Pump


1.Why do I have milky or dirty water?

To find out why your hot water looks milky, let it run briefly then fill a glass. If the cloudiness dissipates from the bottom upwards within a few minutes, it’s simply due to pressurized air being released. However, if the water clears at the top first and particles settle to the bottom, the water heater needs to be checked.

2.Why is my Pressure Temperature Relief Valve discharging?

The PTR (pressure temperature relief) valve is a safety mechanism designed to prevent your hot water tank from over-pressurising. During the heating cycle, the PTR valve discharges drops of hot water to relieve the pressure generated by overheating. When there is too much pressure inside the tank, the valve opens up to relieve this pressure and some water will drip out of it. This is normal and indicates that the valve is functioning properly.

3.Is it normal for the condenser to leak water?

Yes! Water from the condenser unit generally means the unit is doing its job and the refrigeration side of the system is operational. They can create up to 4ltrs of condensation per day.

4.How long does it take for the hot water to refill?

Refilling a 215L unit from empty to full and reheating the water to full capacity would take about three to four hours. Refilling after a shower and heating that water to capacity generally takes about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the ambient temperature outside.

5.How loud is the heat pump?

The sound level is around 45 – 50 dB which is about a light background voice. If the unit is being installed against a brick wall you should be fine, if you have a bedroom next to the heat pump you may be able to hear it.

6.Why does the heat pump run often during the day?

The compressor fan starts heating water when the water temperature falls below 45 degrees Celsius, or it needs to be refilled after using hot water.

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