Electric Vehicle Charging


The future of cars is electric, and as more electric vehicles (EVs) hit the roads charging stations will be in ever-increasing demand.

Ecovantage has a range of award-winning EV chargers with wall-mounted chargers for your home or office, and high-powered commercial fast-charging solutions, with apps to support billing and hardware management.


C2EU Wall Charger

Whether at home or at the office, the C2EU is an easy to use smart wallbox, with high AC charging power, networkable and RFID and QR code authentication. This unit can be mounted on the wall or a pole.

  • Red Dot Design Award winner
  • First Android OS in the World
  • NFC or QR code initiation
  • Extraordinary charging experience with a quick response time of less than 0.3 seconds
  • 9.7" screen
  • 3.5kW - 21kW configuration


C4EU Charger

A connected charging station for use in public areas, high intensity parking areas and commercial environments, this unit comes with two sockets, an 10.1” HD touchscreen, and DC-leakage detection.

  • CNC aluminium alloy material
  • Fully integrated 10.1" anti-glare touchscreen
  • Display switching between day and night UI
  • A-Level leakage protection, voltage protection and overloading protection, and temperature sensor embedded in the cables
  • Low power silent fan with better heat dispersion


C6EU Supercharger

The C6EU is ideal for continuous commercial operation for commercial fleet vehicle operators. This supercharger brings individual configuration options, and the housing and display can be customised and branded.

  • Two nozzles with max. output up to 240kW
  • Smart power distribution
  • 97% AC/DC conversion rate
  • IP54 protection level
  • Patented Z-shaped radiating air passage
  • Overload protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection and lightning protection

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