Investing in the Future.

Power your fleet, provide extra customer value, and even generate a new income stream while making a substantial reduction in greenhouse emissions and the reliance on fossil fuels by investing in commercial EV chargers.

Our team of EV charging specialists will work with you to understand your organisation’s unique needs, and tailor the perfect solution with our range of portable, fast-charge and fleet-ready electric vehicle chargers.

The Ecovantage Queensland team has a fleet of 100% electric vehicles and have hands-on experience with the transition to electric. We drive and deploy electric vehicles, and can answer all your questions to make the installation of commercial EV chargers seamless – simply speak with one of our specialists today.

EV Charging for Business.

Recent Projects.

Installed | ABB (AC 7kW) charger

Why | To have a commercial EV charging station available for their clients and the local community

Income | Currently it is free to use, but once the new coffee shop opens, it will be charged at 30c/kWh

“Ecovantage are a group of very proactive and forward thinking people. They are very attentive to detail and their solutions are very much in line with our goals.”
Jeannet Kessels

Installed | ABB (AC 22kW) charger + Everty management & billing system

Why | Wanted to replace an existing Tesla charger with one compatible with all car brands. They wanted a commercial EV charging station that was capable of generating revenue by billing the users, both the residents and visitors of their building

Use & Income | Average 5 charge sessions/week at 30c/kWh

“Ecovantage was quick to provide a great solution for us, and the whole process was seamless. We are very happy with the quality of the product, their professionalism and communication during the execution of the project.”
Zeyad Imam


Commercial EV Chargers for Hospitality & Tourism.

With the growth of the eco-conscious traveller, now is the time to respond to customer demand with electric vehicle charging. Attract travellers, create a new revenue stream, and provide even greater value to your visitors, guests and clients by introducing a commercial EV charging station.

“83% of global travelers think sustainable travel is vital and 73% of travelers are likely to choose accommodation with implemented real sustainability practices” 2021 Sustainability Report

Due to the growing demand from EV owners, the smart minds at Noosa River Retreat sought Ecovantage to install their own charger so it is available to all guests.

After exploring and understanding the needs of NRR, a 7kW electric vehicle charging unit was installed at the family-run accommodation.

With our streamlined quotation and installation process, implementing EV charging for business has never been easier.

End-to-End Solutions.

Supporting you from site assessment and product supply to certificate generation and trading.

Specialist Services

Your Partner in EV Charging for Business.

It has never been a more exciting time to get involved in electric vehicle charging. Australian electric vehicle sales are rapidly growing and now it is your chance to add to the charging network.

Ecovantage is your partner for electric vehicle charging. Having installed chargers all over the country, we will be there every step of the way, from purchase and installation, to setup and demonstration, and providing expert ongoing support.

Which Commercial EV Chargers
Do You Use?

We are charger agnostic and will choose the most appropriate charger to suit your specific needs. Some commercial EV chargers are made from stronger materials to meet the highest safety requirements, others are small and portable, some have faster charging speeds, and others can have multiple users at one time.

After gaining an understanding of your needs we will make a recommendation on the most suitable charging device.

Is Software

Along with the EV charging hardware is the software that runs the device and gives you control over its operation. You can choose to charge tiered pricing per kW for your staff, offer free charging to incentivise patronage, or a combination. Each month the generated funds will be deposited into your bank, reducing your bookkeeping requirements.

Ecovantage chooses Everty because of it’s versatile and powerful software that empowers our clients to have flexible a profitable charging infrastructure.

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