Energy Audits.

Energy audits are the essential first step for organisations to identify key areas for improvement. An Energy Audit entails a comprehensive analysis of a facility’s energy consumption, designed to identify areas for improvement and unlock cost savings otherwise unlikely to be realised. 

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What is an Energy Audit?

At its core, an Energy Audit involves a systematic evaluation of energy use, conducted by qualified audit professionals to an Australian standard. 

An Energy Audit can clarify your company’s energy consumption and identify areas for potential savings, as well as lead to reduced energy use, improved productivity and opportunities to innovate.

Typical Energy Audits include comprehensive analysis and reporting of a site’s energy usage across three categories aligned to AS NZS 3598.1 & AS NZS 3598.2, including: 

  • Detailed Tariff Analysis 
  • Time of Use (ToU) Analysis 
  • Energy Usage Breakdowns (EUBs) of all main energy-using equipment 
  • Energy Efficiency Opportunities, categorised by a payback period of less than 2 years or greater than 2 years
  • Detailed Asset Registry

Energy Assessments.

Energy Assessments are similar to Energy Audits, but are more high-level and primarily focused on finding the ‘low-hanging fruit’ relating to energy efficiency opportunities within a facility.

The Energy Assessment is a process where ‘quick wins’ are identified to reduce your energy consumption based on the findings of a site visit. The Return on Investment (ROI) of each Energy Upgrade is estimated based on high-level values and industry averages. 

Ecovantage’s specialists can help with both Energy Assessments and Energy Audits, and support you in determining which is the best option for your business.

Understanding Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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Audit x Assessment Comparison.


Energy Savings Opportunities

Baseline Consumption

Estimate of Savings

Consumption Profile

Data Analysis*

ECM Business Case

Utility Meters & Areas Covered

Analysis & Breakdown by NMI

Detailed Tariff Analysis

Time of Use (ToU) Analysis

End of Use Breakdown

Asset Register

Presentation of Findings^

Energy Assessment




Monthly and yearly

One 12-month billing period

Top 3-5 with shortest ROIs

24/7 Support:

24/7 Support:

24/7 Support:

24/7 Support:

24/7 Support:

24/7 Support:

Basic report

From $3,000
Energy Audit




Weekly, monthly, seasonal, yearly

24-month period (hourly/weekly/monthly)

All with ROIs







Detailed Report

From $5,000

The Outcome.

The advantages of Energy Audits extend beyond immediate cost savings. They provide valuable data that supports:

Informed Decision-making
Audits equip organisations with insights to make informed investment decisions about energy upgrades and process modifications.

Continuous Improvement
Regular audits create a tangible measurement of site progress while informing ongoing efforts.

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Specialist Support.

Our national in-house Measurement & Verification team who undertake the Energy Audits are highly regarded within the industry. The team is made up of Mechanical, Electrical, and Energy Engineers with extensive experience across complex Energy Audits, large-scale energy project implementation and significant experience operating within Australian federal and state energy schemes. 

Ecovantage’s Energy & Carbon Services team also has the knowledge and expertise to outline any opportunities for Federal and state-based white certificate rebates available with each Energy Efficiency Opportunity identified and recommended. This ensures the payback period is minimised as much as possible, and the recommendations are action-oriented.

Understanding Carbon Certificates.

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End-to-End Solutions.

Supporting you from site assessment and product supply to certificate generation and trading.

Specialist Services

About Us & Our Team.

Ecovantage is one of Australia’s largest Accredited Certificate Providers – we have the knowledge and ability to ensure your M&V project process is a smooth and successful one.

Our team consists of passionate renewable energy consultants and energy efficiency experts, dedicated customer-focused account managers and qualified M&V engineers. From the initial viability study, proposal with estimated certificates and rebate value, through to compliance, application to the regulator, measurement stage and ultimately the creation of the certificates with financial revenue, we guide you with ease through all the stages.

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NMI = Nation Meter Identifier, EMC = Energy Conservation Measures
*Subject to data availability ^Presentation summarising the findings/impact for the business is available for an additional fee