In-Home Scorecard Assessments.

What is an In-Home Assessment?

An in-home energy assessment, also known as a Scorecard Assessment, is a report that shows how energy-efficient your home is. You get a star rating for your home’s energy efficiency, insight into the energy consumption of your appliances, and a rating on the comfort of your home in hot and cold temperatures. 

This insight can help you make informed decisions to improve your overall rating through upgrades that can significantly reduce your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. If you have been thinking about making your home all-electric, this is a great place to start.

Scorecard Assessments are offered under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) on behalf of all Australian state governments and are available nationwide. 

What is in an In-Home Assessment

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What is Assessed?

The assessor visits your home and completes a comprehensive analysis of your appliances and how your house is built. The report and rating consider:

  • The materials your home is constructed from and its orientation
  • The sizes of the rooms
  • Window glazing, curtains and blinds
  • Insulation
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Lighting
  • Any pools or spas
  • Solar, batteries, and any other energy savings upgrades you’ve already made

The assessor will speak with you about any specific energy goals you have and make recommendations on a suite of upgrades you can make to address any low-rated areas.

What's covered in a scorecard assessment?

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Financial Incentives.

Under the VEU, in-home assessments are eligible for financial incentives to reduce the cost of hiring a professional assessor. 

Typically the incentive will be applied upfront to reduce your out-of-pocket cost. An authorised provider, such as Ecovantage, coordinates this rebate along with the assessor – you only need to sign a form when they’re conducting the assessment.

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Anyone can contact an assessor to arrange an assessment but to be eligible for the financial incentives some criteria apply.

Assessments are available for existing houses, townhouses, units and apartments. You won’t be eligible if;

  • Your dwelling shares heating and cooling with other dwellings
  • You have already claimed an incentive for an assessment through the VEU in the last 5 years
  • If your dwelling is used as an accommodation provider, including a hostel, student accommodation and retirement village

If you’re unsure your assessor can answer any questions you have.

Eligibility for an assessment

How to Organise an Assessment.

Assessors receive specialised ongoing training to become experts on all things household energy. As a government-run initiative, you can feel confident in the advice that you receive. 

Ecovantage works with Ephe, who conduct in-home scorecard assessments across all metro areas in Melbourne and Geelong. Regional areas are subject to availability.

Simply submit the form below and we’ll send your details through to Ephe and their team will be in touch to book your assessment.

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De-gasification is a smart investment – let’s incentivise that.

In this piece published by The Fifth Estate, Ecovantage’s CEO Bruce Easton highlights the economic and environmental benefits of transitioning to more efficient electric alternatives.

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