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Guarantee of Origin Scheme.

The Guarantee of Origin Scheme (GO) program was released for consultation by the Federal Government in December 2022, and is currently in the design phase.  The GO scheme looks to satisfy the growing demand for tracking of emissions from hydrogen and renewable energy production on a long-term basis. 

The current Renewable Energy Target (RET) is responsible for creating LGCs and STCs and is due to end in 2030. The preliminary design of the GO program is to create a national energy certificate program beyond this time. 


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Australian Energy Certificates.

Energy certificate programs in Australia are designed to encourage renewable energy production, energy-efficiency best practices, and for organisations to offset their carbon footprint.

The Guarantee of Origin Scheme for Australia is divided into two main strands:

  • Guarantee of Origin Certificates (GO)
  • Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin Certificates (REGO)

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Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin Certificates.

The REGO program has been created for renewable energy generation, and works by issuing GO certificates for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy that is produced. Like current LGCs and STCs, these certificates can be traded for a financial benefit, or surrendered to claim the renewable energy benefit. 

By providing information on the origin and type of renewable energy, it helps to support the development of renewable energy, as well as provide surety to companies  purchasing GOs that the certificates are of a high quality.

The Future of GO.

Public consultation on the Guarantee of Origin scheme closed on 3 February 2023. 

In its initial structure, the GO program may  launch as early as 2024. Renewable generation sources may choose to create REGOs or LGCs until 2030, while sites considered previously ineligible to create LGCs may have the opportunity to create REGOs.

Large scale generation certificates

How Ecovantage Fits In.

Ecovantage submitted a comprehensive consultation response, which outlined our key support and considerations for the program’s design. 

When energy certificate schemes are implemented, accredited certificate providers, like Ecovantage, ensure activities meet the scheme’s requirements, then submit the activities to the regulator for approval.

At Ecovantage we offer end-to-end projects solutions, from current-state assessment through to project implementation and certificate generation. We also work with a network of trusted installers to carry out projects on our behalf, and our industry-leading Compliance team undertake project review and certificate applications for other energy organisations.

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Australia’s Most Versatile ACP.

Ecovantage specialises in creating, trading, and supplying all energy certificates, including ESCs. We assist you in balancing the financial and environmental scales for each project. 

Ecovantage provides an end-to-end service, from site audits and project management, through to generation and monetisation of the created certificates. 

The treatment of certificates is based on the financial and carbon goals of each organisation. The options available are presented with their relevant outcomes on both fronts, to ensure your decision is an informed one. Ecovantage generates and trades certificates as an authorised provider through the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).

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