1.How much am I going to save?
For customers with an electric hot water system, customers should see an 80% reduction in costs based on the average use of an electric storage system.
2.What size do I need?

A 155L heat pump is suitable for 1-3 people and a 215L will cater for 2-4 people. We can also offer twin tank systems to suit larger families, with a total capacity of 310L for 5+ people, and 430L for 6+ people.

3.How much will it cost me?

Pricing is calculated based on the rebates made available by the South Australian and Victorian governments, and the work involved with relocating your hot water system outside (if applicable).

4.If it runs all the time, won’t it be expensive to run?

The current electric system you have has an element in it that is extremely inefficient and expensive to run which results in greater costs. While heat pumps are running all the time, the compressor fan only really kicks in when it needs to be refilled, the water that is sitting in the tank will stay hot until its next use or the tank needs to be refilled.

5.What if I need a bigger tank than a 215L heat pump?

While electric tanks get drained and refilled at night, heat pumps work all throughout the day. Once water reaches a certain level in the tank, the sensor will trigger and automatically start refilling the tank and heating the water at the same time. The tank will take 1-3 hours to refill and heat the water if it is completely drained. It’s only really when 6 people take showers back-to-back that the tank will require to be refilled but this is not how most people use their hot water system. If you are concerned about the capacity, please talk to our team about the possibility of a dual-tank setup.

6.When will the upgrade get done?

Bookings are being made in groupings so our installers will be in contact with you as soon as we have enough work in your area.

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