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What is NABERS?

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) is an environmental rating program that evaluates the environmental performance of buildings and tenancies across various sectors. 

NABERS was developed to address the pressing environmental challenges posed by buildings. Launched in 1998, this pioneering initiative aims to measure and compare the environmental performance of buildings and their operations, ultimately encouraging more sustainable practices in Australia’s built environment.


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How NABERS Works.

At the heart of NABERS lies a simple and effective star rating scale, ranging from zero to six stars. This scale allows stakeholders to assess the environmental performance of a building quickly. A higher star rating indicates a more environmentally sustainable building with reduced environmental impact, increased energy efficiency, and responsible water usage.

NABERS ratings are comprehensive and encompass several critical aspects of a building’s sustainability. The key aspects considered are:

  • Energy consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Waste management
  • Indoor environment quality

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How Ecovantage Fits In.

To receive a NABERS rating for a building, a qualified and authorised assessor is required to collect and process the relevant information. Accredited Assessors undertake a physical assessment of the building to collect the data, then verify and translate that data into a numerical rating. 

Currently, Ecovantage is accredited for:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Residential Aged Care & Retirement Living
  • Offices
  • Hotels

At Ecovantage we are proud to have qualified and authorised NABERS assessors in our team.  If you are interested in a rating for a building you own or operate from, get in touch to get the ball rolling. 

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NABERS Ratings

Your summary of the NABERS system, buildings that can be rated, and the benefits of a NABERS rating.

Australia’s Most Versatile ACP.

Ecovantage specialises in creating, trading, and supplying all energy certificates, including ESCs. We assist you in balancing the financial and environmental scales for each project. 

Ecovantage provides an end-to-end service, from site audits and project management, through to generation and monetisation of the created certificates. 

The treatment of certificates is based on the financial and carbon goals of each organisation. The options available are presented with their relevant outcomes on both fronts, to ensure your decision is an informed one. Ecovantage generates and trades certificates as an authorised provider through the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).

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