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As one of Australia’s largest energy and carbon specialists, Ecovantage makes your journey to carbon neutrality easy, from viability studies, through project registration, certificate creation and carbon neutral certification.

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What is Carbon Neutrality?

Carbon Neutrality involves reducing or offsetting the greenhouse emissions produced from an activity, such as running a business, to the point where the net emissions total zero.

Businesses and homes can commit to being carbon neutral by working through a process of reducing their grid energy consumption through upgrading to energy-efficient technologies, implementing renewable energy systems and, in some cases, through buying carbon offsets.

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How to Become Carbon Neutral.

To achieve carbon neutral accreditation, an independent emissions assessment provider, qualified by an organisation such as ClimateActive, assesses the type, size and location of the business and where the most significant emissions are produced within the business.

Emissions are divided into three categories, or ‘scopes’ as they’re called. Then there are nine key steps to carbon neutral certification:

    1. Define organisational boundary
    2. Identify key emission sources
    3. Collect data
    4. Summarise data
    5. Use ClimateActive calculators
    6. Generate carbon inventory
    7. Determine impact of reduction strategies
    8. Identify leftover emissions
    9. Determine offset
Scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions explained

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Ecovantage’s Role.

At Ecovantage we work with you through the entire journey from energy-efficiency to carbon neutral.

Our expert team is comprised of project managers, engineers, business analysts, CEC workers and ACP specialists. We help you access local, state and federal-based government incentives to make your journey to carbon neutral a financially rewarding one.

With our wide range of services covering everything from solar system design and installation, to battery storage, electric vehicle charging, bespoke carbon neutrality solutions and everything in between, we have the power, network and team members to implement your goals. Once your energy efficiency upgrades, clean energy generation opportunities and carbon offsets are implemented, we guide you through to the process to be certified carbon neutral.

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Certified Carbon Neutral.

Climate Active

Ecovantage is proud to be certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active for our organisation. It is important to us to live the values we promote, and lead by example.

A carbon neutral certification encompasses all of our business’ operations, including the carbon footprint of our teams from their home offices, communitng to and from our state offices, travel such as flights and accommodation, all the way through to printing of our brochures.

To learn more about how to make your home or business certified carbon neutral, see Climate Active, or speak with us today.

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