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With over 15 years of delivering energy-efficiency upgrades for Australian businesses, we take the stress out of your upgrade from site assessment and quoting, through to implementation and certificate generation.

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Smart Energy Choices for Retail.

Whether you have a small retail store or a larger chain of locations, reducing running costs and creating a customer-friendly atmosphere is always top of mind. Simple energy-efficient technology upgrades can make a big dent in overheads. Plus, a comfortable environment can lead to happier, more productive staff, and relaxed customer shopping experience. 

Our role is to provide a full suite of tailored solutions to help facilitate your business’ investment into energy efficiency. You’ll work directly with a specialist team that understands your current challenges and future needs. Whether it’s a simple like-for-like lighting upgrade, solar on your shop roof to generate your own energy, through to EV charging facilities for your customers, we will find the best fit for you.

LED Lighting for Retail.

Save up to 80% on retail lighting costs with an upgrade to LED lights, slashing your overheads. With an LED lighting upgrade you will achieve uniform light output to showcase your products, create a more comfortable working environment for your staff, and a well-lit space is safer for staff and customers. 

Save even more with less downtime from long  product lifetimes, and significantly reduced maintenance costs from replacing globes. Many retail lighting upgrades can be undertaken outside of operating hours, reducing disruption to business.

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EV Charging for Shoppers.

Power your sales fleet, provide extra customer value, and even generate a new income stream while making a substantial reduction in greenhouse emissions and the reliance on fossil fuels by investing in commercial electric vehicle chargers.

With the increasing uptake of electric vehicles, you can create a genuine point of difference from your competitors. We will help promote your business and EV charging station on the PlugShare charging map to attract customers and become a destination. 

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Solar for Retail Stores.

More and more Australian businesses are choosing to generate their own clean energy from renewable sources and reduce their reliance on expensive grid energy. Save on overheads and running costs, move toward carbon neutral targets, enhance brand image, and gain a level of security against electricity price increases. 

With incentives available from both a federal and state level, our Specialists can provide a custom, financially positive solution for your business. 

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Heat Pump Hot Water for Amenities.

When replacing an electric storage hot water unit powered by the grid, your business’ energy use and emissions associated will be significantly lower. Like a split system air conditioner, heat pump hot water units contain the heating process and limit energy waste. Compared to old electric storage hot water units, a heat pump can cut your water heating costs by up to 75%. And with financial incentives available, your upgrade costs even less.

Start saving with a heat pump > 

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Refrigerated Display Cabinets for Retail.

Our display cabinets are not just energy-efficient; they’re also aesthetically pleasing and designed to showcase your products in the best light. Bright, eco-friendly LED lighting and clear glass doors draw customers in, boosting your sales and making your offerings look great.

Cool down energy costs with a new RDC >

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Ecovantage Specialists.

Since we began in 2007, Ecovantage has worked with businesses and households across Australia, and to date we have helped our clients abate almost 10 million tonnes of CO2e. Our broad offering is backed by our team of Specialists operating from Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

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